Copywriting for social media is a challenge all of its own. Most writers will tell you that the shorter the copy the longer it takes to write. So writing a 140-character-delimited Tweet, without resorting to the kind of abbreviation which is a step 2 far 4 even the most gramatically and semantically liberated of us (well, of ‘them’ truthfully), is quite a challenge. And, for many brands, it isn’t easy to find the right voice for Facebook. You don’t want to be ‘dad at the disco’, but then there’s no point in being there if you aren’t going to let your hair down a little bit.

Making 5,000 friends for Bespoke Hotels on Facebook was primarily down to two creatively-executed Advent competitions. This one used cryptic picture clues – the answers were names of Bespoke Hotels, and one way of getting the clues was to browse through the portfolio on the Bespoke website, and elicited a lot of comments and interaction.

This Twitter feed for McCarron & Co is in its early stages, but is building nicely through a series of low-key Tweets, rather than constant jabbering.