Black and White, and read all over …

I’ve been writing, editing and proofing copy for over 20 years – everything from short, sharp e-shots to wordy websites – for pretty much every sector under the sun.

For example. An online advertising campaign for Middlesex University. Direct marketing packs for World Wildlife Foundation, RNIB, Macmillan and other charities. Web pages for Thomson Reuters. A strategic business report for Wessex Water. A funky little calendar for the Bespoke Hotel group.

And when I put in good words for my clients, they put in a good word for me too.

“Thanks Giles. It definitely works for me. Thank you for bringing your great idea to life.” Helen Halahan, Innovation and Strategy Planner, Woods Valldata.

Saria Khalifa, Rosa: “Giles was brilliantly meticulous, turned documents around in record time and was fantastically accommodating. He really worked hard with me to ensure the Best Practice Guide had a consistency of messaging.”

“I am the lucky recipient of Middleton Advisors’ magnificent new brochure. The copy is modestly and calmly written, yet with a convincing and persuasive tone. I used to work in advertising on the Rolex international account – and so I know a bit about the creation of impressive literature.” Client of my client.

There are lots more examples of clients and work here – but don’t disappear just yet. I know lots of you out there are using young copywriters with nice, low day rates. Or even that exec in marketing ‘who can write’.

But, as I like to say, “It didn’t take me six hours to write that copy. It took me 20 years and six hours”. That depth of experience enables me to get tone of voice spot on. Guarantees every word, comma and hyphen has a purpose. Means I know how to work with clients and creatives. Ultimately, it ensures that I’ll cost you less and earn you more.

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