Thermae Bath Spa commissioned a series of editorial features under the title ‘The Art of Feeling Good’, describing how the great spa traditions are alive and well in Bath.

Wellness of the spirit.

“If spirituality thrives where science cannot fully explain, then it should be no surprise that Bath has been at various times a door to the pagan Otherworld, a Roman sacred temple, a destination for Medieval pilgrims and a focal point for natural therapy.”

Exercise the mind.

“Whether you want to drink the waters, bathe in them or you have a thirst for knowledge, then a Jane Austen Walking Tour of the crescents, pump rooms and assembly rooms that are inextricably linked with her novels Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, is bound to whet your appetite.”

Exercise the body.

“With sport as a kind of modern religion, the city is known almost as much for Bath Rugby Club as for its Roman remains and thermal waters. The Romans might even have approved of the gladiatorial nature of the modern game – at odds with the genteel nature of the Georgian town, but a fine spectacle that draws up to 12,000 visitors to its unique setting on the banks of the Avon and within a hefty kick of the Abbey and other city centre icons.”

Download: The Art of Feeling Good