“The Lords of the Manor is a haven for those afflicted with the deeply unfashionable desire to do nothing but sink into a large sofa with a drink and a book. You won’t find a gym, a jogging track or a jacuzzi here. Some guests have been known, occasionally, to break into a brisk walk within the gardens. At certain times of day, the noise levels in the restaurant and bar will reflect the convivial effect of fine food and wine. You might strain to overhear a hot tip for tomorrow’s races at Cheltenham. But that may well be the extent of your exertions. Relax. You are at the Lords of the Manor, and we are here to look after you.”

More than 20,000 copies of the brochure for Lords of the Manor – designed by Christian Hills Design – have now been distributed to guests after various reprints over five years. Download brochure.

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